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Friday, November 03, 2006

Glancing Blows in tBC

This article is a work in progress... for now i'll just post the formulas relevant to Glancing blows.


Chance of Glancing Blow:

(NPC level - Character level -1)*15 + 10

Damage lost on a Glancing Blow:

(NPC Defense Skill - Your Weapon Skill - 5)*.03

The Burning Crusade Combat Ratings

I've put this all up on in the secret forum that hasn't gone live yet... posting it here too. also including a post by koeppen with some other numbers, set totals, etc.

Raivyne wrote:

OK here's the info i have and the math i come up with.
hope it's useful here cause its not doing anyone any
good just sticking in my head! I'm not going into
spell stuff or defense... just what i consider the 4
basics for rogues (i'll look at resilience ratings

At level 60...

Weapon Skill Rating: 2.5 rating grants 1 weapon skill
Hit Rating: 10 rating grants 1% hit chance
Critical Strike Rating: 14 rating grants 1% critical
strike chance
Dodge Rating: 12 rating grants 1% dodge

At level 70

Weapon Skill Rating: 3.9 rating grants 1 weapon skill
Hit Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1% hit chance
Critical Strike Rating: 22.1 rating grants 1% critical
strike chance
Dodge Rating: 18.9 rating grants 1% dodge


Blue post said that combat ratings were rounded to the
nearest .1, which accounts for the ~.01 descrepancies
i'm finding in some of my conversions.


rating point scaling from 60 - 70

Weapon Skill - @ lvl 60 +1 = +.6410 @ lvl 70
Hit % - @ lvl 60 1% = +.6329 @ lvl 70
Crit % - @ lvl 60 1% = +.6334 @ lvl 70
Dodge % - @ lvl 60 1% = +.6349 @ lvl 70

the average of these conversions is @ lvl 60 1 =
.63555 @ lvl 70


Agility Conversions

1) We have to assume that blizzard is going to allow
the current lvl 60 gear to keep its value (i.e. 1%
crit on t1/2/3 level 60 required armor is still going
to be worth 1% crit).

2) This means that once BC hits your 1% crit will
read: 14 Crit Rating or something to that effect. Your
Maladeth would say 10 Weapon Skill Rating, etc, etc.

So, given these assumptions this is how agility will
be weighed on a level 70 player:

Crit %

if 29.5 agi = 14 RPs; then 46.5678 agi = 22.1 RPs = 1%

(oddly enough the conversion figure here is .6334;
just like the conversion above for the rating points)

Dodge %

if 15 agi = 12 RPs; then 23.6220 agi = 18.9 RPs = 1%

(again the conversion figure here is .6349 just as the
rating point conversion above)


Maladath weapon skill rating on a lvl 70

Maladath receives 10 weapon skill RPs on a level 60
character (4*2.5).

In the hands of a level 70 the 10 RPs will only garner
2.5641 weapon skill (2.5641*3.9 = 9.99999).


for every +1% hit on lvl 60 required armor/weapons a
level 70 character will receive +.6329% hit.


i hope this makes the T1/2/3 conversions easier!!!

for an approximation i would just use the average
figure for scaling (from above it was .63555). using
the .63555 as the figure for a 10 level change, you
can guesstimate that each level any given stat/bonus
becomes .063555 LESS effective than it was the
previous level. whether or not blizzard has made each
level scale perfectly is an entirely different matter.
for now the approximation should suffice.

i tend to think that each conversion above worked out
slightly different because of the .1 rounding in RPs.
so, given the fact that a blue stated for 2% crit on a
level 60 a level 70 would receive 1.27% and this
conversion works out to be .635 (very close to the
average conversion above), i think it is safe to
assume that .635 is indeed the conversion figure to be

Therefore @ level 70

1% crit = 46.4566 = ~46.5
1% dodge = 23.6220 = ~ 23.6

both match (within at least .1) of the figures
obtained via the original conversions i calculated.


sorry big huge brainstorm post!!! LOL


Koeppen wrote:

Given the current know values of:

14 Rp= 1%crit at 60

22.1 Rp = 1%crit at 70

The scale is .81 Rp per level and 1.7Agi increase
needed to get 1% crit

60 14.00 29.50

61 14.81 31.20

62 15.62 32.90

63 16.43 34.60

64 17.24 36.30

65 18.05 38.00

66 18.86 39.70

67 19.67 41.40

68 20.48 43.10

69 21.29 44.80

70 22.10 46.50

Dodge scaling is .69 Rp increase per level and .833
Agi increase per level to get 1%.


60 12.00 14.50

61 12.69 15.33

62 13.38 16.17

63 14.07 17.00

64 14.76 17.83

65 15.45 18.67

66 16.14 19.50

67 16.83 20.33

68 17.52 21.16

69 18.21 22.00

70 18.90 22.83


I prefer the following values for Dodge...

1% dodge =
60 12.00 15.00
61 12.69 15.86
62 13.38 16.73
63 14.07 17.59
64 14.76 18.45
65 15.45 19.32
66 16.14 20.18
67 16.83 21.04
68 17.52 21.90
69 18.21 22.77
70 18.90 23.63



i've got data for itemized values on T.5 - T3... the format sucks in copy/paste mode though... so going to upload the excel files somewhere and put the link on the blog.

here's the set values i come out with:

Complete Set Dodge (60) 10.87%
Complete Set Dodge (70) 6.90%
Complete Set Crit (60) 15.53%
Complete Set Crit (70) 9.86%
Complete Set Hit (60) 7.00%
Complete Set Hit (70) 4.45%


Complete Set Dodge (60) 10.47%
Complete Set Dodge (70) 6.65%
Complete Set Crit (60) 8.32%
Complete Set Crit (70) 5.29%
Complete Set Hit (60) 4.00%
Complete Set Hit (70) 2.54%


Complete Set Dodge (60) 15.53%
Complete Set Dodge (70) 9.86%
Complete Set Crit (60) 10.88%
Complete Set Crit (70) 6.91%
Complete Set Hit (60) 3.00%
Complete Set Hit (70) 1.91%


Complete Set Dodge (60) 12.60%
Complete Set Dodge (70) 8.00%
Complete Set Crit (60) 11.41%
Complete Set Crit (70) 7.25%
Complete Set Hit (60) 2.00%
Complete Set Hit (70) 1.27%


Complete Set Dodge (60) 12.27%
Complete Set Dodge (70) 7.79%
Complete Set Crit (60) 7.24%
Complete Set Crit (70) 4.60%
Complete Set Hit (60) 2.00%
Complete Set Hit (70) 1.27%

Monday, September 25, 2006


Still working on a hemo v. ss comparison (been busy at work, where most of my genius happens...)

After that i'll be crunching SnD and Evis numbers (thanks to a friend for shaking his finger at me for NOT using SnD; thus prompting me to investigate it's merit further).

A rogue's work is never done.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Haven't forgot about the blog again... will work on update this weekend!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blood Clot

I am happy to announce that on Thursday, August 31st, after two whole days, the bleeding has stopped!

So what if I wasted 95g?

The Story:

On Tuesday night in MC, I hated Hemo. Call me egotistical if you want, but I just couldn’t stand not out-damaging people. Granted I’m not #1 on the damage meters anyway – I don’t have the gear for that, but I just couldn’t handle #10ish. Yeah, /wrists… I know, I know.

Anyway, I went into Tuesday’s MC raid prepared for my new role as a utility class. I was really having a crummy day all around anyway, so I was a bit downhearted about it. Things perked up when Garr dropped a nice, shiny Brutality Blade though! A warrior and another rogue also rolled for it. The warrior almost immediately passed it to me (<3)… the dagger rogue almost took it…


I almost stabbed him in the eyeballs and ripped his throat out.


I did manage to restrain my angst and just type a mere “G-D it!” (/gasp!) I don’t say GD often.

Lucky for me, he too decided to pass. I’m not sure what prompted him to pass, as he had already been congratulated and told me sorry… I am thankful all the same.

I was as giddy as a schoolgirl with a new dress! My Nelf toon was flipping around for the rest of the night, non-stop. All the while there was a nagging question in my head that just wouldn’t stop repeating itself…

I wonder how hard I can hit stuff now…

Followed by the **spuelch** sound each time I mashed my “Sinister Strike” key…


You see, I like to hit stuff. The harder I hit it, the better I feel. I do love the sound effect for Hemo though… It sounds like you just opened a few vital organs. Unfortunately, its bark is better than its bite.

The next day I headed to BWL only to find out that one of our top two damagers left the guild. He took a huge chunk of damage with him when he went… making the lack of damage I was doing even more prominent in my mind.

After the raid, I spec’d back to my beloved Combat Swords. I kept the same Combat Sword spec from the freebee, with one change… I dropped Endurance to fill out aggression. Now I’m back up on the damage meters (even with my constant disconnects… I hate you blizzard!!).

I’m a happy rogue.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Raivyne Is Hemorrhaging!! Get a Doctor – STAT!

Raivyne Is Hemorrhaging!! Get a Doctor – STAT!

Ruh? WTH? Does this mean what I think it means?!?!? I’m afraid so good citizens of Azeroth… Your trusty Combat Sword Rogue has gone soft err ahh umm Subtle.


Psst… I am still asking myself the same thing…

Anyway, I’m an adventurous sort of gal so when some rogue said, “man I wish one of us was Hemo” I thought hmm… I’ve been hemo before, and I kinda liked it… Why not try it out again? There was also some mention of raid damage being increased by @ 35% if we had a Hemo rogue. Now, I don’t know about all that… the figure sounds kind of high to me considering Hemo only affects Physical damage. However, I’m too lazy to run the numbers myself, so I’ll accept the figure.

Hey, what the heck – right?

On Tuesday, August 29, 2006 I showed up to raid Hemo – 16/5/30

Assassination Tree: Same as my original 1.12 spec

Combat Tree: 3/3 Imp Gouge and 2/2 Imp SS (oops… meant 2/5 Lightning Reflexes… force of habit)

Subtlety Tree:
MoD – 5/5
Sleight of Hand – 2/2 (Reduces the chance you are hit by melee and ranged attacks by 2% and increases the threat reduced by your feint ability by 20%)
Elusiveness – 2/2 (Reduces the cool down of your vanish and blind abilities by 1.5 minutes)
Camouflage – 2/5 (Increases speed in stealth by 6% and reduces stealth cool down by 2 seconds)
Initiative – 3/3 (75% chance to add an extra combo point when using ambush, garrote or cheap shot)
Ghostly Strike – 1/1 (does 125% weapon damage and increases dodge chance by 15% for 7 seconds)
Imp Sap – 3/3 (90% chance to return to stealth after sapping a target)
Serrated Blades – 3/3 (ignores 5 armor/per level of your target’s armor and increases rupture damage 30%)
Heightened Senses – 2/2 (Increased stealth detection and reduces chance to be hit by spells and ranged attacks by 4%)
Preparation – 1/1
Hemorrhage – 1/1
Deadliness – 5/5 (AP increased by 10%)

What I like:

Sleight of Hand – Assuming your feint normally reduces 100 pts of threat (pulled a number out of thin air for argument’s sake) then it would reduce 120 pts with this talent. Reduced chance to be hit by a crit is just the frosting.

Elusiveness – I always did like this talent, it’s saved my butt a few times!

Ghostly Strike – I love this attack! It crits for like 800 damage (for me) and increases my survivability for 7 seconds, every 20 seconds… It crits a lot btw! (could have just been luck…)

Serrated Blades – any attack that increases my damage to enemies – I like. Increased rupture damage… meh I don’t care.

Heightened Senses – Increases stealth detection (great PvP talent!!) Reduces chance to be hit by spells and ranged attacks by 4% (I barely got hit by firemaw’s spells with this – could have just been a coincidence, but I don’t really believe in coincidences…)

Deadliness – I LOVE THIS!! I have always been a believer in AP (yes AP over crit for me. AP in the form of AGI? even better), so this talent just made me drool. With the 1.12 changes I hunger for AP even more.

What I hated

Talents I had to use just to get to hemo. It’s like this – hemo does better damage with swords, but most of the talents going down are completely useless for a sword rogue in PvE (and PvP for a lot of them). I mean how many times do you cheap shot or garrote anything in a 40 man? Garrote, ok maybe… Cheap Shot – fuhgeddaboudit 90%+ of mobs are immune to it.

Imp Sap is fun for PvP, but for 40 raids its completely useless. Camo could be useful (help get to traps in suppression room faster) but there are so many more rogue talents more useful for raiding.

As for a LOT of the other talents on the way down…

Daggers much?


My conclusion?

**News Flash**

Going hemo as a raider makes you a 100% utility class FIRST, damage class last.


It’s not that your damage is so horrible that you aren’t even on the meters, in fact I was surprised with how much damage I do as a hemo spec. However, it’s a big shocker going from top 3 – 5 to top 10 –15 as a ROGUE. I went from watching yellow ticks of mostly 500+ to yellow ticks of 200ish. My white damage MH crits were in the 700 – 800’s.

That hurt.

A lot.

Hold me… Please?




The Breakdown:

Assassination Talents – 16 pts
Improved Eviscerate – 3/3 (+15% damage to Eviscerate)
Malice – 5/5 (+5% to crit)
Murder – 2/2 (+2% (all) damage to Humanoids, Giants, Dragonkin…)
Relentless Strikes – 1/1 (20% chance per combo point to resore 25 energy on finishers)
Lethality – 5/5 (+30% crit damage for Sinister Strike*)
*yes there are more, but they don’t concern me…

Combat Talents – 35 pts
Improved Gouge – 3/3 (Increases the duration of gouge by 1.5seconds)
Improved Sinister Strike – 2/2 (Decreases the energy cost of Sinister Strike by 5)
Deflection – 5/5 (+5% chance to parry)
Riposte – 1/1 (Deals 150% weapon damage and disarms the opponent for 6 seconds)
Precision – 5/5 (+5% chance to hit)
Endurance – 2/2 (Decreases the cool down of Sprint and Evasion by 1.5 minutes)
Improved Sprint – 2/2 (100% chance to remove movement impairing effects when sprint is activated)
Dual Wield Specialization – 5/5 (Increases the damage of your OH weapon by 50%)
Blade Flurry – 1/1 (Increases attack speed by 20%; attacks hit up to other 2 nearby enemies – lasts 15 seconds)
Sword Specialization – 5/5 (5% chance to gain an extra attack)
Weapon Expertise – 2/2 (+5 to weapon skill)
Aggression – 1/3 (+2% damage to Sinister Strike and Eviscerate)
Adrenaline Rush – 1/1 (+100% energy regeneration for 15 seconds)

What I changed…
Assassination Tree: Picked up 2 pts in murder and dropped 3 in Ruthlessness.

Why? Ruthlessness was a 60% chance to award a combo point after a finisher… Murder ALWAYS does 2% more damage…

Murder Math
Assume – SS = 500 damage/1000 crit
Assume – 5 pt Evis – 1000/2000 crit
Assume – 15 SS + 3 – 5 pt Evis per minute (ideal conditions)
Assume – 25% crit chance

Average SS damage over 100 hits = 625
Average Evis damage over 20 hits = 1250

SS damage over 1 min = 9375 (625*15)
Evis damage over 1 min = 3750 (1250*3)

Average SS damage with Murder = 637.5
Average Evis damage with Murder = 1275

SS damage over 1 min with Murder = 9562.5 (637.5*15)
Evis damage over 1 min with Murder = 3825 (1275*3)

The difference:
1 min damage without murder = 13,125
1 min damage with murder = 13,387.5

That’s 262.5 more damage in one minute with murder than without which = @ 4.38 DPS


Nope, but I doubt the math for 1 to 2 extra combo point(s) per minute (based on 60% chance and 3 finishers a min) comes close to that…

AND I saved a point with Murder…

Combat Tree: Dumped Improved Kick for Endurance. Dumped 2 pts of Aggression for Weapon Expertise. Last but not least… with my extra point from dropping Ruthlessness and my spare point I always have with a combat build I took Improved Sprint.

Why? Endurance > Improved Kick IMO for PvE or PvP. I really only took the 2 pts from Aggression for lack of anything better to dump. Lastly… Improved Sprint rocks! That is all.

Seriously though, I dumped some damage ability for some PvP talents, so I could play with them. They were just too tempting to resist…

All in all this is a nice little spec. I saw some decent improvement in damage from 1.11 to 1.12, despite dropping 2 points of aggression. What can I say? I love the combat tree almost as much as I <3 my swords!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Greetings Sports Fans!!!

I am for real going to update this blog! (really this time) I have lots of things to write about, just haven’t made the time to do it.

Articles to follow (in no particular order):

What I did with my free 1.12 respec
What I did with my 40g 1.12 respec and why
The xpac rogue
Guild Premades
Thoughts on AB (might not do this one…)
Darnassus: The low level horde invasion. (Illidan server)
Nefarian Gets Neutered by the new Destined
Down to business with Discord
Photoshop Journey
A New Chapter for Shadow Guard

I will try to finish one a night for the next week or so.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Update coming soon!

OMG I had no idea it had been over a month since my last entry! I went on vacation for two weeks and everything just went to shit! lol anyway i'll write up and update this weekend from home. And i'll try to do weekly updates from now on.